Look Twice - Mr Dance & Mr Groove 2017 remixes 

So this new remix-album is out now! My third track as TURN3D and happy to be involved in this release.

When I was much younger, I was actually listening to some eurodance. Look Twice was big name back then and I never even dreamed to do anything with them. Of course I was like 10 years old, not so musical in that time yet. But hey, time flies and now I actually had a change to remix one of their songs!


Check out the release and don't forget to give some feedback!



"Drum, Bass N Blast" by Coldwave Records 

"'Drum, Bass N Blast' is an explosive new 4 track compilation EP featuring Drum N Bass tracks from TOP artists in the Coldwave Fam. Godstonemarket vs Jonskee, Mechanik Project, Dreadfall and Wellpunisher come together to display some of the best tunes and most important tracks we've seen in the past days. 'Poppies Rudebois', 'Close Encounters', 'Call Me' (Originally by Visockis) and '22.22' are masterpieces featuring from the powerfully frenetic Drum N Bass feel to the hard-hitting club-ready grime energy."

Check it out at Beatport and Juno !