Gravity - (2017 by Lab Hits) (Pop/Trip Hop/Downtempo)
AEON - (2015 by Boom One Records) (Dub) (Played by: Juno Recommends Dub)
Sikk6Sick - (2014 by Ehtraxx) (Drum n Bass)
Phat Selector - (2014 by Boom One Records) (Dub) (Played by: Juno Recommends Dub)


Ghost (ft. Brooke Mitchell) - (2018 by Rumble Records) (Drum n Bass)
Be The One - (with Coldbeat and Kid Optimus) - (2016 by Coldwave Records) (Progressive House)
My Obsession - (2016 by Lab Hits) (Progressive House) (Semi finalist of International Songwriting Contest 2015)
Bring Me Down - (2016 by Lab Hits) (Progressive House)
Coming Home - (2016 by Lab Hits) (Trip Hop) (15th Independent Music Awards program winner, Best Song: Dance/Electronic)
Lose Control - (2016 by Coldwave Records) (Electro House)
Higher Than We Ever Been (ft. Brooke Mitchell) - (2015 Self-released) (Drum n Bass)



Drum, Bass N Blast - (2017 by Coldwave Records)
The Best Of Coldwave 2016 - (2017 by Coldwave Records)
Coldwave Collections/New Year Edition Vol 2 - (2016 by Coldwave Records)
Architekt - Deadly Styles Remix EP - (2016 by Impossible Records)
Halloween Land Vol 1 - (2016 by Coldwave Records)
Plastic Dreams - (2016 by Ehtraxx)
Plastic Dreams Stems - (2016 by Ehtraxx)
Steppers International - (2016 by Boom One Records)
The Best Of Coldwave Records 2015 - (2016 by Coldwave Records)

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